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Known gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and and it’s scintillating nightlife; Las Vegas is an universally famous resort city.

At Vegas there is everything from world class casinos to the world best chef to ensure once you step in, you don’t want to step out.

For a resort that has for you all the essential components of entertainment and a memorable time, Vegas.com ensure an easy and convenient trip. At Vegas.com you not only reserve your hotels, you also get to search for Vegas Show and making sure you do not miss any of the fun at Vegas has to offer.

For the maximum fun at the sin city, here’s a tour guide that you should definitely read before heading out there and for the maximum saving, Vegas.com coupons is the thing you should definitely have your hands on.

So when you plan for your trip to Vegas, make sure you visit the following place.


A 2.5 mile long central section that runs through the city from northeast to southwest is where you’ll have the fun at Vegas.

Lined with entertainment palaces, performance venues, opulent hotels and delectable dining and possessing mesmerizing dancing fountains and breathtaking erupting volcanoes.

While The Strip provides all kind of entertainment, it also provides a landscape that is worth falling in for; because when the night falls and the city illuminates with neon sign it becomes such a captivating sight, you wouldn’t want your sight to waver from it.
If you are intrigued to visit Vegas, just with one of the many experiences that it has to offer, there is much more to the city but you can always begin collecting your Vegas.com coupons so that you save more and spend less.



Rise above the stratosphere in all the literal sense with The Stratosphere which is claimed to be “tallest freestanding observation tower in the USA”. However, do not get bored with the fact it is just an observation tower because it will make you adrenaline rush. For the adventurers, the 1,149 feet tower offers thrilling rides such as SkyJump, Big Shot, X Scream, and Insanity so that when you are riding it, the screams can be heard in the space since it is no near.

Meet them at Madame Tussaud’s

If you never had a chance to click a picture with your favorite celebs, have one clicked with their extremely real wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s. At Madam Tussaud’s you can see your favorite stars preserved in wax, but let me warn you, the statues are so identical, it is really sinister.

So have a break from the city’s rushing life and visit your beloved celebs.

Caesar’s Palace and Colosseum

No you won’t be facing a conspiracy here, rather, you’d be having fun. A massive complex in the middle of The Strip has witnessed performances by Cline Dionne and Elton John, Caesar’s Palace continues to evolve. Remember, getting a ticket is nearly impossible task so have your book beforehand with Vegas.com coupons.


From world’s most famous casinos to water based shows and from chapels and bars, there is so much to offer you’d find all your time less. So grab your Vegas.com, save and shop and have the time of your life.


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