Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
UnleashCoupons has outlined this Privacy Policy to inform and bring into acknowledgement of the user how will use your information when you visit this website. This Privacy Policy speaks about the content published on or any other entity which is directly linked with UnleashCoupons.

It is advisable to read the mentioned below Privacy Policy thoroughly before using any content published on the website. It outlines how we will use your information personal or otherwise when you use our website. If you dislike or disagree with any content or with this policy then you are advised to discontinue using our website or any other webpage linked with

For more queries and questions you can visit us at:
Address: 9135 Judicial Drive Suite No. 3570
City: San Diego
State: California
Postal Code: 92122

Or you may email us at:

Types of Personal Information we collect:

We tend to collect various types of personal information. Some of them are Contact Information, Relationship Information, Transactional Information, location Information, and Analytics Information.

Contact Information includes your name, address, contact number, email address, postal code, fax number, etc. which can be used to contact you via mail or in person or through call. This information is mainly collected when you contact us or asks us a query or when you sign up for our newsletter.

Relationship Information includes your choices and preferences based on your selection when you visit our site. If you share or like our coupon through social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+ then your information on these profiles is shared with us which in turn will help us in determining your birth date, age, gender, zipcode, or etc.

Transaction Information includes your visits on the stores on our website and the selection or usage of the coupons on our website. It keeps track of the websites you are referred to from our website or any other transaction that might take place.

Location information also includes your geolocation. It is information about your country, state city, and zip code.

Analytics Information includes the collection of your device or PC through which you access our website. It also includes your IP Address, Unique Device Identifier, Access time, language preference and operating model.

Collection of your Personal Information:

We collect your information via different methods and during different times when you access our website. They include:
Information collected at the time of registration or sign up;
Accessing our device from one or more devices;
Maintaining a record of your collection or selection or redemption of coupons;
Through cookies which helps us in storing relevant data about you;
Other technological devices which helps us in determining your decisions or action when you interact with our website;
Collection of your personal information when you contact us or send us your feedback or query;
Collection of data from your device such as your mobile phone;
If you have enabled your bluetooth®, then it makes your location accessible;
IP Address can be used to trace your location and access times;
Third-parties might be asked to share your information such as the details of your shopping cart.

Why do we use this information?

This information is collected to give you a user-friendly experience when you visit our website. We collect your coupon and store preferences to show you offers based on your location, gender, etc. This tends to improve the quality of our services. Based on your information and interest, we determine your eligibility to use a certain coupon or not. Also, this helps us in analysis of the success rate of a specific coupon. We might also contact you in relation to your choices and to give you more offers. We can also contact you to give updates, notifications and inform you about the changes in the privacy policy. Through this information we can also show you advertisements based on your location, gender and preferences. We can contact you via different methods such as SMS, phone call, postal mail or meet you in person. Your information also helps us with security so that we can avoid indulging in fraudulent or spam activities. This helps us in strengthening our security so that we can provide you a safer environment.

Why and when we will disclose your personal information:

We will only disclose your personal information under special circumstances where we will have the approval of the law and order. It might be used to protect us or in some cases the user at times of threat or malpractices. Your information will be disclosed to our service providers. They will also keep this information secure as they are abided by the law to do so. Also, our certain employees have accessed to this sensitive information but they are bound by law not to disclose it. We have also set up the firewall protections as well as have taken other protective measures against virus or hacking threats. However, it should be noted that information over Internet is not 100% protected therefore; you are providing this information at a certain risk.

Cookies and other devices:

We use cookies which are small data files which store your information. We use both temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are those cookies which store data for a short period of time such as when you are accessing our website however, when you close the browser, the cookies will also delete. The other types of cookies are Permanent which stays in your browser for a longer period of time such as for 30 days. These cookies remember you immediately if you visit our website during that time period. Other than cookies we use web beacons which are small graphic images present on WebPages or in the emails which inform us whether a certain action has taken place or not. These help us in providing customized services and to meet our certain goals.

Privacy of Children:

It should be noted that UnleashCoupons does not take responsibility of the usage or redemption of coupons by the children below thirteen years of age. It is assumed when a visitor visits our website that he is above the age of thirteen however, if someone turns out to be less than that then we discontinue working with them.